Community Board 8 National Grid Natural Gas Installation

In the next few weeks, National Grid workers will be in your neighborhood to install devices on their natural gas system to allow first responders to quickly turn off gas service in the event of an emergency. These devices is scheduled to be installed at over 400 homes in District 8. Please call them at 718-467-5574 to find out if your home is on the list.

This work will be done at no charge to you, but you must schedule an appointment.

Hallen Construction will be doing this work on behalf of National Grid, and if your home is on the list, you must call them at 347-639-0671 between the hours of 7am and 11pm to schedule an appointment. Please do not call National Grid for this.

In order to complete this work, Hallen Construction will need access to the gas meter and service valve in your home as well as your gas appliances, including a clear space of at least four square feet near the meter. It will take between two to four hours to complete. Before they leave Hallen Construction will turn your gas service back on and relight your appliances.

National Grid has been mandated by the FDNY and New York City Building Codes department to make these service upgrades. If you do not schedule an appointment they will be forced to interrupt gas service to your residence. Again, all appointments must be scheduled through Hallen Construction.

National Grid’s first priority is the delivery of safe, reliable natural gas to you. They would appreciate your cooperation by promptly scheduling the appointment for this work if necessary. Remember to call CB 8 to find out if your home is one of the over 400 homes where the shut off valves have to be installed.


2 thoughts on “Community Board 8 National Grid Natural Gas Installation

  1. A lack of oversight and site inspections has allowed contractors and subcontractors to get away with shoddy work. Investigation should be conduct on Hallen Construction Company works without inform and consent of home owners, damage property and create chaos in neighbors where they worked!


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