April Meetings for Brooklyn Community Boards and Precinct Councils in D35

Meetings are subject to change. Please call to confirm.
Wednesday, April 13
6 PM
Location: Pratt Institute, Higgins Hall
61 St. James Place (at Lafayette Avenue) Brooklyn, NY
Phone: (718) 596-5410

Email: cb2k@nyc.rr.com

Monday, April 4
Location: Bed- Stuy Multiservice Center
1958 Fulton Street Brooklyn, NY
Phone: (718) 622-6601

Email: bk03@cb.nyc.gov

Brooklyn Community Board No. 6

Wednesday, April 13
Location: P.S. 58 Auditorium
330 Smith Street (at First Place) Brooklyn, NY
Phone: (718) 643-3027

Email: Info@BrooklynCB6.org

Thursday, April 14
Location: 1000 Dean Street Brooklyn, NY
Phone: (718) 467-5574

Email: info@brooklyncb8.org

Brooklyn Community Board No. 9
Wednesday, April 20 (NOTE: Meeting date was changed to observe the Jewish holiday.)
Location: Middle School 61
400 Empire Boulevard Brooklyn, NY
Phone: (718) 778-9279
Email: bk09@cb.nyc.gov

71st Precinct

Commanding Officer: Deputy Inspector Norman Grandstaff

Address: 421 Empire Boulevard Brooklyn, NY 11225

Main Line: (718) 735-0511

Community Affairs: (718) 735-0527

Domestic Violence: (718) 735-5704

Community Council: Karl Cohen, President

Meeting (every third Thursday of the month): April 21, 2016 at 7:30 PM

Location: M.S. 61, 400 Empire Boulevard Brooklyn, NY (stationary location)

77th Precinct

Commanding Officer: Deputy Inspector Eddie Lott

Address: 127 Utica Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11213

Main Line: (718) 735-0611

Community Affairs: (718) 735-0634

Domestic Violence: (718) 735-0600

Community Council: James Caldwell, President

Meeting (every second Monday of the month): April 11, 2016 at 7:30PM

Location: Ebenezer Wesleyan Methodist Church – 1024 Bergen Street Brooklyn, NY

78th Precinct

Commanding Officer: Captain Frank DiGiacomo

Address: 65 6th Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11217

Main Line: (718) 636-6411

Community Affairs: (718) 636-6410

Domestic Violence: (718) 636-6424

Community Council: Wayne Bailey, President

Meeting  (every last Tuesday of the month): April 26, 2016 at 7:30PM

Location: 78th Precinct (stationary location)

79th Precinct

Commanding Officer: Captain John Chell

Address: 263 Tompkins Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11216

Main Line: (718) 636-6611

Community Affairs: (718) 636-6626

Domestic Violence: (718) 636-6607

Community Council: Kim Best, President

Meeting (every fourth Wednesday of the month): April 27, 2016 at 7PM

Location: Brooklyn Job Corps Center- 585 Dekalb Avenue, 2nd floor Brooklyn, NY (stationary location)

84th Precinct

Commanding Officer: Captain Sergio Centa

Address: 301 Gold Street Brooklyn, NY 11201

Main Line: (718) 875-6811

Community Affairs: (718) 875-6850

Domestic Violence: (718) 834-4579

Community Council: Leslie Lewis, President

Meeting (every third Tuesday of the month): Due to Primary Day, meeting was moved to Monday, April 18, 2016 at 7PM

Location: St. Francis College – 180 Remsen Street Brooklyn, NY

88th Precinct

Commanding Officer: Captain Peter Fiorillo

Address: 298 Classon Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11205

Main Line: (718) 636-6511

Community Affairs: (718) 636-6526

Domestic Violence: (718) 636-7227

Community Council: Delia Hunley-Adossa, President

Meeting (every third Tuesday of the month): April 19, 2016 at 7PM

Location:  French-speaking Baptist Church – 209 Clermont Avenue (Vanderbilt Avenue and Willoughby Street) Brooklyn, NY


Commanding Officer: Captain Charles A. Minch

Address: 25 Central Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11206

Main Line: (718) 386-4101

Community Council: Mary Andrews, President

Meeting (first Wednesday of the month): April 6, 2016 at 7PM

Location: Brooklyn Job Corps Center – 585 Dekalb Avenue Brooklyn, NY (stationary location)


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