Digital Literacy, Workforce, Multimedia, and Academic Enrichment Classes

NYC Parks Computer Resource Centers is pleased to announce the availability of digital literacy, workforce, multimedia, and academic enrichment classes for all ages and abilities. Computer Resource centers serve over 6,000 New Yorkers per week at 32 locations with over 500 open access hours per week and over 200 creative workshops, classes, and certification opportunities at 24 locations. Join a class by calling 212-255-3066 or emailing for general information on senior, adult, and youth programming, and for teen programming.

Located within NYC Recreation Centers throughout the city, CRC’s provide free digital learning resources for center members of all ages and abilities. The goal is to improve low-income community opportunities by providing quality workshops, free broadband access, one-on-one technology education, job training opportunities, and individualized approaches to member’s reactions, academic, personal, and career pursuits.

Call 212-255-3066 or email if you have any questions. Visit to find a center near you.


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