Recap: “How to Apply for City Council Funding”



On Wednesday, January 18th, I was joined by over 100 individuals who were eager to understand and ultimately engage in the application process for City Council funding. The potential growth of cultural institutions and nonprofit organizations is often intertwined with their capacity to secure funding to cover operational costs, expand programming, or undergo critical upgrades.

As the representative of Brooklyn’s Cultural District and a member of the Committee on Cultural Affairs, I understand how vital it is to create opportunities and provide the necessary resources that will sustain their progress and increase their positive impact within our communities. Through this workshop, we were able to show every participant how to successfully navigate the application process. Thank you to Leora Estersohn of Nonprofit HelpDesk and our participants! I wish you all the best! See below for a recap on what we covered during the event, as well as important documents and contact information.

-Council Member Laurie A. Cumbo

Important Deadlines

  • Discretionary funding application due Tuesday, February 21, 2017.
  • All arts and cultural organizations seeking fiscal support from the Department of Cultural Affairs should note that all applications must be received by February 13th , 2017. 

Important links


Important documents

Forms in application

Contact Information

  • Presenter
    • Name: Leora Estersohn, NonProfit HelpDesk
    • Phone number: 718 449 5000 x 2267
    • Email address:
  • District 35 Budget Director
    • Name: Matthew Pitt
    • Phone Number: 718-260-9191
    • Email address:
  • City Council Finance 
    • Email address:

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