January/February Events: Small Business Competition

The competition provides classes and business counseling to help you write your business plan

All who are interested must attend an information session to apply. Dates and locations are listed on the back

Please register for one date only at bklynlib.org/business or call 718.623.7000 (option 4).

Pou konkou a, y ap oganize klas ak bay konsey pou ede w ekri yon plan pou biznis ou.

Tout moun ki enterese ap gen pou yo vini nan yon seyans enfomasyon pou yo fe aplikasyon. Dat you ak kote yo ekri sou lot bo a

Tanpri, enskri pou yon dat sélman nan adrås

February/Fevriye 16

6 – 7:30 pm

Central Library Flatbush Library Balcony Conference Room 22 Linden Bivd

This competition is brought to you by Brooklyn Public

Library’s Business &

Career Center and New York City Department or Small Business Services

January/Janvye 30 6-7:30 Central Library Balcony Conference Room “10 Grand Army Plaza

February/Fevriye 8 Canarsie Library 1580 Rockaway Parkway 18 2 – 3:30 pm Central Cibrary Info Commons Lab 10 Grand Army Plaza, February/Fevriye 22  6 – 7:30 pm Canarsie Library 1580 Rockway Parkway

February/Fevriye 28


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