SCRIE and DRIE applications now available

Senior Citizen Rent Increase Exemption (SCRIE)  and Disabled Rent Increase Exemption (DRIE) forms are now available for the 2017 year. These applications assist seniors and the disabled with obtaining rent freezes. The applications can be downloaded and completed online, or obtained from the CB8 office.

Applications can be obtained here.

In addition, if you lost your SCRIE or DRIE benefits in the past for failure to recertify on time, the Dept. of Finance (DOF) wants you to know that if you were receiving this benefit from December 1, 2011 onward and were unable to renew your Rent Free benefit because you needed more time due to a disability or physical impairment,  you could still be eligible for the benefit. According to the DOF, tenants/applicants who lost the benifit, then re-entered the program at a higher frozen rent should submit the “application for Additional Time to Renew Lapsed Benefit” form. If you are a tenant/applicant who lost your benefit and have not subsequently re-entered  SCRIE/DRIE, you should complete the “Applicaiton for Additional Time to Renew Expired Benefit” form.

These forms are available at the SCRIE/DRIE walk-in center located at 66 John Street, 3rd Floor in Manhattan 


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