5/17 deadline: CB8 Community Feedback on Citibike Locations

Brooklyn Community Board No. 8 needs specific comments on the CitiBike locations. They are due by May 17th. Which locations work? Which do not? Where would you prefer to see them (exact locations)? For those that don’t work, where would you place them instead? Please note that no additional docks are going to be added. The number will stay at 17. DOT will make the final determination if they see based on your comments that a particular site will not work. However, if you do not provide an alternative site, they will choose one on their own. It is not enough to say “more sidewalk docks and less streetscape.” You must provide locations. The Brooklyn-CB-8-Draft-citibike-Map is enclosed.

Address: 1291 St. Marks Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11213

Phone: (718) 467 -5574 Fax: (718) 778-2979


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