Filming: Friday June 30 (High Maintenance S2)

On Friday June 30 2017 a Television for “High Maintenance S2” is scheduled to film scenes at the following locations:

INT. RAINA’S APT 06/30/2017 01:00 PM – 06/30/2017 09:00 PM 
495 WILLOUGHBY AVENUE, Brooklyn (Interior)
Description: Interior dialogue scenes.
VTU Request: No
Request: 25 background actors to work all day.


•  Willoughby Avenue between MARCY AVENUE and Nostrand Avenue • Street Side: South • Street Control: Full Block
•  WILLOUGHBY AVENUE between MARCY AVENUE and NOSTRAND AVENUE • Street Side: North • Street Control: 1 Truck Length
•  TOMPKINS AVENUE between DEKALB AVENUE and KOSCIUSZKO STREET • Street Side: West • Street Control: 1/4 Block

EXT. RAINA’S APT 06/30/2017 09:00 PM – 07/01/2017 01:00 AM 
Willoughby Avenue between MARCY AVENUE and Nostrand Avenue, Brooklyn (Exterior)
Description: Cop car parked on Willoughby Avenue. Lights flashing. Cops enter townhouse. Cops leave. Car drives away.
VTU Request: No

IE WILLOUGHBY 07/01/2017 01:00 AM – 07/01/2017 03:30 AM 
495 WILLOUGHBY AVENUE, Brooklyn (Interior Exterior)
Description: Actress sits on stoop. Actress gets up and walks inside the brownstone.
VTU Request: No

Permit# 361980

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