Shooting Response at Ingersoll Houses

Thank you for the tremendous well wishes and warmth that you have shared with me over the last few days (and the love you have expressed for me while I experience this miraculous journey). Please keep sending love and prayers, but I ask you to also start extending that love and prayer for others.

It’s with a heavy heart that my staff, the Mayor’s Office to Prevent Gun Violence (MOPGV) and Gangstas Making Astronomical Community Changes Inc. will lead up a shooting response at the Ingersoll Houses. May the family and friends be embraced by the love and support of the community during these moments of reflection.

Almost two years ago, I envisioned an office to prevent gun violence that could work side by side with the community, particularly when cure violence sites were not ingrained into the pre-existing culture. And I feel satisfied that I helped to create this office because the work that happens in this office and at cure-violence sites comes from countless years of community knowledge, strength and compassion. This is the type of support our neighbors and families need when they experience a loss from gun violence.

Thank you to the mayor for allocating the resources and Jumaane D. Williamsand Vanessa L. Gibson for working as collaborators and seeing this vision through. We appreciate Eric Cumberbatch, the Director at MOPGV and his staff for always being available to lift up families and to our brothers and sisters that keep the peace and are violence interrupters. I am thankful that resources for this vital safety component are in place.



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