8/28 Event: First Annual Love Yourself Brooklyn Peace Concert

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Shooting Response, Friday, August 4, 2017

With every pull of the trigger, a life is lost or forever changed by an act of gun violence. Although mass shootings usually make news headlines, the majority of these tragic incidents happens in our backyard. As a community, we must continue to stand in solidarity against all forms of violence. We can no longer turn a blind eye or deaf ear to this public health crisis. It’s our collective responsibility to ensure that our communities remain safe places to live, work, and raise a family.
Join us today at 4PM to urge our neighbors to come forward with any information related to the recent murder of a Farragut Houses resident. NEW LOCATION.
Farragut Houses Shooting Response 0804

8/3 Event: Breastfeeding Fiesta: Partying for a Milky Purpose at the Zoo


Join my Colleagues and I This Monday For an Interfaith Prayer Walk In Crown Heights.

It has been said that Crown Heights serves as ground zero for the intersection of faiths in Brooklyn. This Monday. July 24th I invite you to join us at 6PM as we utilize prayer as a tool to combat violence across the board. Help me by sharing this flyer and coming out to pray with us as we come together in unity!


Prayer Walk

7/18 Event: Celebrating Affordable Housing at Brooklyn Housing Complex


7/19 Event: Know Your Rights When Dealing With the Police

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6/27 Community Updates