11/13 deadline: Mayor’s Grant for Cultural Impact

The goals of the Mayor’s Grant for Cultural Impact (program info) are to:

  • Create opportunities that will demonstrate the effectiveness of arts and culture as a mechanism for impactful service delivery
  • Allow city agencies to experiment with and test new models for, or to expand, existing successful programs
  • Support strengthened partnerships between cultural organizations and city agencies
  • Expand NYC residents’ access to arts and culture by leveraging the reach of city agencies
  • Broaden programming, funding, and audience-building opportunities for arts and cultural organizations
  • Integrate arts and culture into efforts to improve social wellbeing in low-income neighborhoods

Through the new initiative, DCLA will award up to six grants of $50,000 each to arts and cultural organizations working in partnership with city agencies to address pressing civic issues. City agency partners must provide a minimum contribution of $25,000 to the proposed project, which may be in-kind.

Applications are due on Monday, November 13, 2017. Proposals will be reviewed by the Mayor’s Office, DCLA, and outside professionals with relevant expertise. DCLA expects to notify applicants of the outcome of the process by mid-November 2017, with programs to begin as soon as possible thereafter. Projects funded by the Mayor’s Grant for Cultural Impact must be completed by the end of the City’s fiscal year on June 30, 2018.

Application deadline: 11:59pm on Monday, November 13, 2017
Applications must be submitted by the cultural partner. For FY18, eligible applicants must have submitted an FY18 Cultural Development Fund application or be members of the Cultural Institutions Group. Please review the guidelines carefully before submitting an application. Each cultural organization and city agency may select only one partner and may submit only one application.