March 2018: Urban Greenscaping Training for Youth Ages 18-24

NOTE: The info sessions are every Monday and Wednesday. Classes start on March 7th. To enroll in the course, the applicant would must attend the info session.

Greenscape Training.PNG

5/24 deadline: Brooklyn Community Board 9 Rain Barrel Giveaway

Brooklyn Community Board 9 is partnering with the New York City Department of Environmental Protection to make rain barrels available to members of the community. These barrels help homeowners reduce their water bills, conserve water, and help prevent sewer overflows into our waterways. These barrels collect the rain water for future use, such as watering your gardens, lawns, washing your cars, etc.

Homeowners that are interested in getting a free rain barrel can register by calling the CB 9 office at (718) 778-9279 or by filling out the contact form¬†and indicate in the subject line, “CB 9 Rain Barrel Giveaway.”

You must register before May 25th to receive a free rain barrel. The date, location, and time for pickup will be announced at a later date.